Take part in a raffle to win one live 1:1 virtual mentoring session by an extraordinary female founder, funder, or leader.

Buying one $20 ticket gives you a chance to win a 30-minute session. Multiple tickets increase your odds of winning!

All the money raised is donated to The Bowery Mission, a fantastic nonprofit that serves homeless and hungry New Yorkers since 1870.

After the campaign ends on June 12, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST, winners will be randomly selected and notified by email by the WIN Forum Team to be connected to their mentor.

Meet the #WIN2020 Unconventional (and so Generous) Mentors - more are joining in!

Mercedes Abramo
President & CEO, Cartier North America
Catherine Barba
Founder WIN Forum, Entrepreneur, Investor
Hayley Bay Barna
Partner at First Round Capital
Christine Bave
Managing Director at Apollo Global Management
Alexa Binns
Principal, Halogen VC
Deb Bronston
Managing Partner Samothrace Partners
Jemma Campbell
Creative Director
Zjantelle Cammisa Markel
Owner, Cammisa Markel PLLC Immigration Law Firm
Laura Chau
Principal at Canaan
Veronica Chou
Founder & Ceo, Everybody & Everyone
President, Novel Fashion Investments
Caroline Codsi
Founder & Chief Equality Officer, Women in Governance
Beth Comstock
Former Vice Chair GE, Author
Soraya Darabi
General Partner, Trail Mix Ventures
Aditi Dash
Partner @ CircleUp Growth Partners
TeLisa Daughtry
Founder & CTO, FlyTechnista
Impact Investor, FemX Ventures
Anna Dougan
Vice President, PSB
Kristin Duquette
and Specialist Program
Jillian J. Foster
Founder at Continuum and Founder & Gender Peace and Security Advisor at Global Insight
Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux
Cofounder & Chairman Garriott Enterprises
Hilary Gosher
Managing Director, Insight Partners
Angela Guy
SVP Diversity & Inclusion L'Oreal USA
Cyrielle Hariel
Reporter and presenter, BFM Business
Kelly Hoey
Author of Build Your Dream Network
Aurelie Jean
Computational Scientist a& Entrepreneur
Cassandra Kelly
Global Chair, Council for Google's accelerator for diversity initiatives
Jennifer L.Iannolo
Founder & CEO of IMPERIA™
Tatiana Jama
Co-Founder & CEO - Co-Founder SISTA
Pooja Kharbanda
Founder at nadii
Geri Kirilova
Partner at Laconia
Karin Klein
Founding Partner // Bloomberg Beta
Melody Koh
Partner, NextView Ventures
Celine Lazorthes
Founder Co-Founder SISTA
Anne-Claire Legendre
Consul General of France in New York
Geraldine LeMeur
Founding Partner The Refiners
Danielle Li
Founder & CEO Popshop
Jessica Li
Investor Soma Capital
Mendy Marsh
Executive Director and Co-founder VOICE
Marigay McKee
Fernbrook Capital Management LLC
Cherry Miao
Partner at Accel
Karen Moon
Venture Partner, Elizabeth Street Ventures
Virginie Morgon
CEO Eurazeo
Janneke Niessen
Partner CapitalT
Luciana Nunez
Executive Coach
Galina Ozgur
Karen Page
General Partner, B Capital Group
Sarah Parkins
Founder & CEO Birch Cove
Smita Pillai
Vice President, Global Head Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Zendesk
Sarah Pinto
Venture Investing at Emerson Collective
Sabrina Quagliozzi
Managing Editor at BFM Business TV
Annette Rodriguez
Founder & Managing Partner at MKH Capital Partners
Catherine Roggero-Lovisi
Former President, Revlon North America
Odile Roujol
Founder of Fab Fashion & @BeautyTech community
Diya Sagar
Investment Professional at Lupa Systems
Sarah Smith
Partner at Bain Capital Ventures
Geri Stengel
President at Ventureneer
Kathrine Switzer
First woman marathon runner & author
Liz Whitman
Founder, Liz Whitman Ventures
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson
Investor, Co-Founder Gilt and GLAMSQUAD
Amy Wu
Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners
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